GRENZENLOS - Experience Austria Programme

Volunteering offers young people the chance to gain experience in a field of work, interesting to them, mostly within the frame of their education. Additionally volunteering abroad offers young people the chance to gain intercultural experience apart from the gain of professional experience.

GRENZENLOS, with its longstanding experience in the field of intercultural youth exchange programmes has the expertise to organise successful volunteering experiences. We offer contact to trustworthy partner organisations, continuous support for hosting organisations and interns, as well as administrative implementation of the programme.

Sending Organisations

OBLIGATIONS of the sending organisation

GRENZENLOS support for sending organisations

GRENZENLOS support for volunteers


You don’t need a Visa! For a legal stay in Austria you have to register within 3 days upon arrival. The legal forms are attached in your welcome package which you will get upon arrival.


Please figure out how long you can stay in Europe BEFORE you arrive in Austria. Please get in contact with the Austrian embassy in your country! If your Visa is temporary (e.g., limited visa duration, or 90-days term after entering Schengen), participants must be able to guarantee his/her departure before its termination, by holding a valid return ticket. If you need a project confirmation letter please get in contact with GRENZENLOS on time!


Participants of the Experience Austria program must hold a valid visa or must be legally entitled to stay and participate in a volunteering program in Austria. Please make sure that your passport is valid for the duration of the project!

Please note, that we can’t issue any “formal obligations” for VISA applications!